Understanding the Societal Dynamic

The key to solving our social and societal problems is hidden in each society’s unique societal dynamic,  whether the society is at the heart of a city, a state a province or a country.

It is only by understanding the societal dynamic of your society that you will be able to find sustainable and cost-effective solutions to solve the problems present in your collectivity.

To understand the SOCIETAL dynamic we need to understand how the four societal resources present in our societies affects our actions and how these actions in turn affect our societal resources. To achieve this we need a new management science specifically designed to study societies as organizations. This management science is called SOCIETALogy.

The video below, which uses our logo as reference, explains how societies must be studied and analyze. Most importantly, it also identifies  some of the objectives we need to meet if we want our solutions to be sustainable and cost-effective.

Once you have seen our video, call us to learn how we can help you find sustainable and cost-effective solutions compatible with the unique SOCIETAL dynamic of your city2.

1 – Societalogy is a new management. The term societalogy is a neologism which associates the words SOCIETAL of the classical Latin: societas, ‘association’ and LOGY of Greek origin: study. Thus, societalogy literally means to study societies as organizations.

2 – Beside cities, SOCIETALogy can be used to study countries, states, provinces, departments  and other mid-level societies.